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An oral fluid drug test detects drug use in the past 12-24 hours (dependent on the drug ingested) and does not test for historical usage.

By implementing oral fluid drug testing, companies eliminate the impairment argument commonly found with urine testing and THC – that the drug could have been ingested on the individual’s own time.

If an oral fluid drug test comes back positive from the lab, employers are armed with a strong indicator that the donor recently ingested the drug and was impaired on the job.

While lab-based oral fluid drug testing is not the gold standard that urine testing is, it can be the best choice in certain situations.  Lab-based oral fluid testing is easily administered and supervisors can be trained for testing employees working in remote locations where access to a fixed collection site may be challenging. Lab-based oral fluid testing may be required to meet conditions of ratified agreements in post-accident and reasonable cause scenarios. Eliminating shy bladder situations, oral fluid drug testing can be an effective matrix for random testing programs as well.

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